Tek Remix

This impetus behind the creation of this piece came from Sean Turner, whose own research and artistic interests inspired the idea to take some of my paintings, and allow the students to remix them using iMovie.  In one of my earliest experiments with digital media, I took a series of paintings (Pukemonics, Coke Dream, and Overdose- see Paintings Gallery), wrote and recorded a narrative to describe the visual elements and narratives in the paintings, cropped these elements from the digital images of the paintings, and generated a slideshow with simple transition effects timed to my audio recording. Tek, a brilliant high school student who had been incarcerated on a murder charge, watched my movie, and then proceeded to make his own, writing his own interpretations of my paintings and editing his movie. He asked that I record his written narrative because he did not like his own voice. 

New York: 2005



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