Professional Development Workshop

In the Spring of 2012, I helped facilitate a series of professional development workshops with my colleague Jenni Higgs for teachers at 6 after-school programs participating in the East Bay Collaborative for Underserved Children. The participating teachers were each receiving training in running a digital media arts and social networking curriculum I developed for the Space2Cre8 project. Our approach to the workshops was to allow the teachers to take control of their own learning through making, engaging them in creating video projects and participating on the social network to demonstrate to them not only the powerful learning that occurs through such creative work, but also how to use the technology and implement the projects in their own classes. Our work on this project was published in Phi Delta Kappan as well as presented at the 2013 AERA annual conference. Below you can view the final video projects created by the teachers as well as an image of the poster showcased at AERA. You can also view the project-based digital media curriculum. aerafinal2


Selection of Teacher Videos





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