Near The Inner Ear

This video is a recreation of a live performance which featured the video projected on a screen hanging above the orchestra at the Bing Concert Hall at Stanford. It was created as part of the Stanford Live Beethoven Project and their performance of the 9th Symphony.
An exploration in sound and memory, the piece attempts to recreate what it would have been like to listen through an ear trumpet, a hearing device Beethoven used during the composing of the 9th while he was nearly deaf, and walk through a world history of the 9th performances. the video features sampled footage from performances of the 9th by famous conductors around the world. 
Performed live at The Bing Concert Hall May 31st-June 2nd by the Stanford Symphony Orchestra.

Palo Alto: 2013

Conducted by Jindong Cai
Orchestral Part Composed by Dohi Moon
Electronics Part Composed by Chris Chafe
Audio Modeling and Testing by John Granzow and Jorge Herrera
Leslie Model by Jonathon Able
Video by John M. Scott and Greg Niemeyer
Supporting Institutions:
Stanford Live, Stanford Symphony Orchestra, Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (Stanford) and the Berkeley Center for New Media (UC Berkeley).



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